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Comfort Lightweight Tichels

Head covering for Jewish women

Married women in the presence of men other than their husband or close family members are required to wear a head covering as practiced widely in Orthodox circles. Various kinds of headgear, such as the mitpaḥat or tichel (headscarf), snood, hat, beret and wig (known as the "shetiel"), are usually worn for this purpose. The most traditional type of head coverings worn in the Haredi communities are the tichel and snood, although hats, berets or sheitels may also be seen.

The style in which the headscarves are tied varies according to the level of formality of their outfit. Beyond simply being a requirement from Jewish law, covering one's hair is part of practicing spiritual modesty known as tzniut. This way of dressing can symbolize respect both for God and others.

Women in the modern world have found ways to make modest dress stylish and fashionable. Israeli tichels are particularly popular due to their unique designs, vibrant colors, and creative styles. They can be worn as daily wear or accessorized for special occasions. With a large selection of sizes and colors, it is easy to find the perfect tichel for any outfit.

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