Bow tie lilac hessian fabric


Brand: Judaica city

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This bow tie from lilac hessian fabric is the perfect addition to any outfit for a special event or formal occasion. It's constructed from luxurious fabrics and designed with exquisite detailing, giving it a look that's sure to get you noticed. The bright colors and classic pattern of this bow tie are the last chord in the style of an handsome boy. The adjustable closure ensure comfortable fit for all day wear. This bow tie is great for boys of all ages and makes a good addition to a Kippah.

Product Features:

- Magnificent fabric construction with exquisite detailing.

- Bright lilac.

- Suitable for boys of all ages.

- Makes a great addition to Kippah.

- Makes an elegant last chord in the style of an handsome boy.

- You can add a bow for girl (women) to enrich family look.